Over our 30 years in the natural history documentary space Wild Film has seen first-hand significant changes in our environment, our ecosystems and our societies. In response to this, Wild has shifted its focus to tell more indigenous stories, more Pacific stories and more stories about our environment. It is here that we feel we have a responsibility to bring to light the issues we are all facing related to climate change, to environment degradation and indigenous marginalisation.

The future we pass on to our mokopuna relies on the mahi this generation does in changing the way we look after our world and in particular the South Pacific – Wild Film’s Tūrangawaewae. Our role in this as kaitiaki, is to give the environment and the people of the Pacific a greater voice.


Pūniu River Care

Wild Film was brought into Pūniu to help tell their story – one of an extraordinary team of kaitiaki working tirelessly to fix their awa the Pūniu River. To date they planted over 3,500,000 trees and fenced over 100 kilometres of river boundaries. Wild has created a YouTube series highlighting their mahi as they work to inspire other iwi-led organisations to step and start fixing their waterways.

You can find their story and Wild’s work here: https://www.youtube.com/@Puniu.inc.


Consumers around the world are demanding for their food to be produced in a sustainable manner, grown with fewer chemical inputs, are traceable, ethical and transparent.

Biostimulants are a fast-growing solution that addresses both economic and environmental concerns whilst producing top quality, high value, products. AgriSea New Zealand is an award winning, family-owned seaweed company at the forefront of the biostimulant industry in NZ.

Wild Film has been working with AgriSea to showcase their work and the work of several of their projects aimed at cleaning up our farms and our waterways including the Rere Ki Uta, Rere Ki Tai collaborative research project that aims to build more resilient, profitable and healthy farms. Together, their collective of Māori, conventional and organic kaimahi pāmu (farmers) and researchers are sharing their knowledge, experience, and science to test ideas at the forefront of soil management.

Their goal is to reignite hope and pride in farming in Aotearoa, while honouring the Te Tiriti o Waitangi partnership between Māori and Pākeha, helping restore and strengthen connections between the people who eat food and those who grow it, and between farmers and the whenua (soil) they love. https://agrisea.co.nz/about/our-projects/rere-ki-uta-rere-ki-tai/

Saving Oceania

SAVING OCEANIA is a television series that explores the ways in which Oceania is adapting and improving resilience to climate change. It follows the work of scientists, project leads and the local communities as they work to implement climate change initiatives, invasive pest eradication projects and work to future proof their food security and infrastructure. We meet the local community workers who are leading the charge, finding out who they are and what motivates them with an aim to empowering others to engage in this vital work.

Each of the ten television episodes in the series is a stand-alone story – following work being done to repair and restore that island or nation’s climate resilience. From planning to implementation, SAVING OCEANIA follows the people working on the project, the scientists monitoring it and the agencies overseeing it as well analysing the outcomes.

SAVING OCEANIA is an upbeat and positive series that charts a pathway towards greater climate resilience in some of the most at risk ecosystems on earth. It champions the Pacific ecowarriors that are hard at work protecting the islands’ indigenous biodiversity so that it in turn may better help protect and provide for their vulnerable communities in these times of great change.

Pilot with scratch narration can be found here: https://vimeo.com/858314452/2c39dfeada

She Leads

Wild was engaged by Pacific Trade Invest New Zealand to shoot their new series “She Leads” a series of inspirational interviews from across the Pacific of women in leadership roles in business and community. The series of over 40 interviews in 2024 will go live in the third quarter of 2024 on PTI NZ’s website: https://pacifictradeinvest.com

Te Aukaiao – The Current of Water

As part of our work with Pūniu River Care, Wild is currently producing a one-hour documentary on the story of Aotearoa’s water woes and the mahi being done to find solutions to the issues we currently face. Filming is due to be completed by August followed by post-production over August and September.

Tease can be found here: https://vimeo.com/932720971/44119bd3f9