The future of the South Pacific is in our hands. We need to create jobs and revenue for our governments and ensure food security. To do this we need long term sustainable development and we believe tourism offers the people of the South Pacific this without depleting the resources that we rely on so heavily. Wild Film has been committed to developing tourism throughout the Pacific for two decades and in 2017 will be focused on supporting our Pacific Island neighbours through the creation of content that sells the South Pacific as the stunning and visitor friendly destination it is. From Green Climate initiatives to sustainable seafood harvesting, from sustainable tourism operators to green environmental projects, Wild Film will assist operators or organisations and their businesses who are committed to a cleaner greener future. 
We are passionate about food security and creating resources that offer long term sustainable revenue that outweighs the short-term benefits of licensing off fishing rights and sales of assets or environments critical to the culture and peoples of the Pacific is vital.


JOURNEY is an inspirational travel series about sustainability. It is shot in natural history style - taking all the of the elements of award winning Blue Chip production and combining them to create a visually stunning journey into the World’s finest green destinations. Shot by some of the world’s best natural history cinematographers footage will be either 4k or 6k future proofing the series and the footage produced. The series is shot 60% above the water and 40% below - making it one the most subsurface travel series’ for broadcast in 2017. Use of motion control time lapses, drone and stabilized camera systems will set it aside from all other travel shows currently in the market place.