FISH OF THE DAY - SERIES II 10 x Half Hour TV Series
 FISH OF THE DAY is a story driven location-based lifestyle fishing show. Each episode visits a different place in the Pacific to target a specific species of table fish. The show is designed to sell the location and drive visitation but not without serious fishing action. No fish, no show. Our presenter and fishing guide is New Zealand TV and radio personality Clarke Gayford. Clarke is not only a talented presenter, he is an active fishermen, diver, surfer and more. But he’s not there to tell us how he fishes, he’s tracking down the best fishermen in the area and find out how they fish and each week he will be joined by some of New Zealand’s best local identities as well as the occasional international celebrity. Each episode will contain the following core elements: •unique and interesting locations – where, when, how to get there, information about its history, and what makes it unique today; •a single target species - type, distribution, size, fight rating, equipment needed/used, time to catch them; •underwater and spearfishing at the location in addition to line fishing; a strong fishing character – a guide, a skipper, an environmental expert or local nutter showing us how he does it - the quirkier, the more fun the better and; •a master chef brings the final element of the show - how to cook the catch, and each week a different local chef is called upon to reveal his secret recipe.